AKA’s Visuals for ‘Monuments’ is the #StayAtHome Content We Signed up For
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AKA’s Visuals for ‘Monuments’ is the #StayAtHome Content We Signed up For

AKA shares slick, psychedelic montage for 'Monuments' featuring Grandmaster Ready and Yanga Chief.

AKA's "Monuments" music video is the #stayathome content you need in your life. Supa Mega's latest music video is an inside look at how the star spends his day during the current lockdown. The single is part of a series of releases along with "Cross My Heart" and "Energy", which all will be part of his upcoming project.

The video is a 5-minute montage of AKA making breakfast and punch, sitting on the kitchen counter, relaxing on the stars, playing video games all while rapping to scratchy smooth Hip-hop beats reminiscent of early 90's hip hop—Grandmaster Ready D's cuts add to the nostalgic feel.

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The stripped down video has only one outfit change for AKA who is usually known for his drip. The video transitions from laid back day to night time with Yanga Chief dressed in all black, a mask around his face chilling coolly in AKA's backyard. "Monuments" visuals are textured with Instagram filters, shaky camera angles and blurry images which is an intentional effect for viewers to feel like they are live with AKA directing and documenting his day; a dream of every fan.

Last night, AKA won a South African Music Award for "Music Video of the Year" for "Jika" . He shared his reaction to millions of his followers on Twitter. AKA does not play when it comes to making fire music and music videos. The outspoken artist recently expressed that he is unimpressed by government's meagre hand out to artists affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This latest video drop shows AKA's creativity and flexibility to keep fans satisfied while keeping to current social trends during lockdown and an economic slow down.

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Watch the full music video below:

AKA - Monuments (Official Music Video) ft. Yanga Chief, Grandmaster Ready