Amaarae Channels Her Star Power In New Video & Single 'Co-Star'
Image: Music video still

Amaarae Channels Her Star Power In New Video & Single 'Co-Star'

The Ghanaian Afropop princess also announced the release date for her highly-anticipated second studio album, Fountain Baby.

Ghanaian-American singer-songwriter Amaaraeis taking no prisoners this year, as she releases a powerful chart-topping contender and announces a forthcoming album. The Afropop songstress announced the release of her second studio album titled Fountain Baby — to be released on June 9th via Interscope Records — and dropped single "Co-Star" accompanied by a dazzling music video filled to the brim with beautiful people and dazzling astrological references.

In her latest single, the "Sad Girlz Luv Money" hitmaker continues on her quest to bring female empowerment and sexuality to the forefront, as her lyrical take on the 12 zodiac signs oozes sex appeal and sass. Joined by an abundance of beautiful babes — namely Nigerian rapper Deto Black, International model Biba Williams, American social media standouts The Claremont Twins, and more -- Amaarae is in her element as she bounces between booties and beats in the Lauren Dunn-directed video.

Staying true to her experimental take on Africa's many manifestations of music, the singer said of the single:

"'Co-Star’ is a fun song about star signs! I wanted to give people something cute and flirty for the summer! Astrology is such a huge part of our youth culture, it felt like a missed opportunity to not lean into that and give the girls an anthem that reads and celebrates them all at once! The video is amazing too! Having some of my favorite women in the whole wide world represent themselves in such an iconic way. The Clermont Twins are such an iconic duo. Also Biba! Deto! Moyo! Bijou & Chi are such a huge part of alternative African culture. These are the tastemakers of our time! It’s really so amazing to bring them all together."

Fans are undoubtedly excited about the singer's upcoming album as she continues to cement her spot amongst the greats.

Watch Amaarae's music video for her latest single "Co-Star" here