Listen to Ami Faku's New Single 'Lala Ngoxolo' Featuring Emtee

'Lala Ngoxolo' art cover. The single by Ami Faku features Emtee.

Image supplied by artist.

Listen to Ami Faku's New Single 'Lala Ngoxolo' Featuring Emtee

Ami Faku's new single 'Lala Ngoxolo' featuring Emtee is a much-needed song for the difficult times in which we all find ourselves.

Ami Faku recently released her latest single "Lala Ngoxolo" featuring Emtee . The song starts the year off on a soothing tone for the difficult times in which South Africa (and the world) finds itself amid the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown. Ami Faku is best known for her emotionally evocative songs and "Lala Ngoxolo" certainly keeps to that standard.

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The modern Afro-soul track is a call for peace with "Lala Ngoxolo" translating to "rest in peace" in the Xhosa language. The bitter-sweet song calls listeners to remembrance all those who have since passed on. Emtee balances the track out with his upbeat and encouraging rap lyrics which are carried on the strumming of acoustic guitar. This collaboration is somewhat unusual but provides a much-needed musical antidote to the many wounds that fans are undoubtedly tending to.

Ami Faku ended last year on a high note with her single "Uwrongo", with the track subsequently making Time Magazine 's "10 Best Songs of 2020" and featuring on Barack Obama 's favourite music list. The 27-year-old is the recipient of the 2020 SAMA "Female Artist Of The Year" award and her debut album I mali has already been certified gold. "Lala Ngoxolo" is sure to drive excitement towards what the award-winning singer has in store for 2021.

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