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Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Asake Shares Statement After London Fans Injured During Show

Several fans were injured during Asake's O2 Academy Brixton concert. The artist released a statement about the show afterward.

The closing night of Asake's highly anticpated O2 Academy Brixton show ended with chaos. A crowd crush at Asake's Thursday evening concert led to eight people getting hospitalized; four of those injured are in critical condition.

According to reports, the event had a larger-than-expected turnout, which exceeded the capacity of the venue, meaning that many people showed up in record numbers without tickers. BBC News reports that around 9:30 p.m., Brixton authorities arrived at the venue after the situation was brought to their attention.

In a statement to BBC News, Cdr Colin Wingrove said officers were called by the venue's staff at about 9:30 PM GMT, after reports surfaced that people were trying to enter the venue without tickets.

"Some officers provided first aid and CPR to members of the public in order to save life," Wingrove said.

A woman who was affected by the crowd rush told BBC News that after she passed out, and thought she had died.

“I couldn’t breathe and I completely passed out. I thought I was dead. I took my last breath and I could not get any more oxygen. I was so scared.”

The Nigerian megastar has been experiencing phenomenal success, and has joined the league of various Afrobeats artists who are garnering an international fanbase. Earlier this year, the singer announced that he would be touring at the O2 Arena Brixton in London. Later on, the official account of the O2 Academy would share on social media that the "Loaded" singer would be headlining two additional shows at the event's center because of the high demand.

The O2 Arena Brixton concert marked the third segment of three-night sold-out show by the Nigerian singer.

Following the tragedy, Asake took to his Instagram account to share some words for those who were impacted by the incident. "My heart is with those who were injured last night and caused any form of discomfort. I pray you get well soonest," he wrote. In his post, he also shared that he was making arrangements to directly reach out to the injured individuals.