Audio: Femi Kuti ft. Eyezon & Dr. Cornel West “Sorry Sorry 4 Africa”

While Femi Kuti’s original “Sorry Sorry” is indeed an inspired song, you’ve got to give credit to Eyezon, who hails from Jo'burg SA, for producing an incredible remix. It’s hard to improve on Kuti’s genius, but when you add a rapper of Eyezon’s calibre and Dr. Cornel West's kicking knowledge, you know you’re on sound footing.

If ever there was a track that represented the indelible spirits of Black people, it would be this one. Lyrically it dwells on the morose. The words touch on everything from poverty, to colonization, and ultimately on the untenable corruption of many modern day African states. But man,  the music doesn’t let you feel beaten down, even for a moment. The din of Femi Kuti’s illustrious afrobeat hits with all of its usual potency. The drums are brisk and the horns feel downright redemptive. Even the cadence of the vocals contrast with the words being spoken. Eyezon’s flow is defiant and Dr. West’s usual spoken-word style intonations come across as a call to arms.

These three men might feel sorry for Africa, but we should all be thankful for this song.


Photo: Courtesy of Saphir Niakadie

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