Stream South African Rap Duo Silvabaq's 'Doin Best'

Silvabaq, a South African rap duo consisting of Arnold “Aewon Eastwood” Phillips and Ntuthuko “Tuko” Madondo, share the single "Doin Best"

Silvabaq, a rap duo consisting of members Arnold “Aewon Eastwood” Phillips and Ntuthuko “Tuko” Madondo are creating a unique style of hip-hop mixed with rock and electronic music. Their beats, produced by Yuvir “UV RAY” Pillay, pull from various styles of American popular music, and while the rapping does not bring anything new to the table lyrically, it complements the production well and supports the party vibe that Silvabaq is pushing. If you’re looking for socially conscious hip-hop, these guys might not be for you. They talk more about Facebook and social networking than social issues, but they will immediately get you in the mood for a party, which seems to be their goal. Check out Silvabaq’s new single, "Doin Best," below. For more, download their new mixtape, Be Fearless, by clicking here.

Doin Best