Audio: Talib Kweli, Zap Mama, Zolani, Jabulani+ Angélique Kidjo 'People Power' is using the voices of some incredible African artists to raise awareness about the climate crisis. For their Radiowave project, they've enlisted Marcina Arnold (South Africa), Marie Daulne (Zap Mama -Democratic Republic of Congo/Belgium), KGzm (South Africa), Angélique Kidjo (Benin), Zolani Mahola (South Africa), Busi Moreng (South Africa), Eugene Skeef (South Africa), Ahmed Soultan (Morocco), Jabulani Tsambo (Hip Hop Pantsula - South Africa) and Okayplayer fam Talib Kweli to "create a song that both tells the truth about how hard climate change is affecting Africa and that also inspires people to join together to create a brighter future for everyone." Stream and download "People Power" below!

Everyone is invited to remix the song to creatively reflect their community. All remixes will be entered into a contest and the top track will be featured on MTV International on Dec. 9. Click here for more information on the contest and the Radiowave project.


Malian Rapper Ami Yerewolo Rises Against All Odds

Ami Yerewolo reflects on her hard-won rap career, new album AY and why she insists on creating support spaces for young female rappers in Mali and beyond.

"No one is a prophet in his or her own land!" This is an accurate way to describe Ami Yerewolo's career to a tee. The Malian rapper's music has not always been popular in her home country, where female rappers are generally frowned upon. Instead, it has taken off abroad. Yerewolo's upbeat sound mixes traditional Malian elements with fast drums, contemporary beats and significant lyrics that compel listeners to reflect on life — all of which makes her songs carry a universal appeal. Her new album, AY (titled after the rapper's initials) has just been released by the label Othentiq.

Yerewolo shares her frank thoughts below...

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