Audio/Video: The Roots of Shangaan Electro

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The folk at ElectricJive dig up the influences of Shangaan electro — the South African lightning-speed dance genre that's gained recent popularity through an Honest Jon's compilation. EJ highlights Nkulungwani Wa Nwalungu Vol. 1 (1977), a late-70s collection of what was then called Shangaan disco featuring artists that "would go on to get international exposure with [the likes of] Lizzy Mercier and Paul Simon." Head below for the download and tracklist.

>>>Download Nkulungwani Wa Nwalungu Vol. 1 (via ElectricJive)

01 Sapota: M.D. Shirinda and the Gaza Sisters

02 Pfukani Rishile: Samson Mthombeni and the Gazankulu Girls

03 Ndzi Khumbula Vaka Hina: G.S. Chauke

04 Angelinah Nkata: Star Flying Gazankulu

05 Miyela N'whanyana: Samson Mthombeni and the Gazankulu Girls

06 Pfuka N'wavolo: M.D. Shirinda and the Gaza Sisters

07 He Mdjadji: M.D. Shirinda and the Gaza Sisters

08 Bombo Ratika: Samson Mthombeni and the Gazankulu Girls

09 Salani Va Chiawelo: James Makhubelo and the Nhlalukweni Sisters

10 Ha Kunene: M.D. Shirinda and the Gaza Sisters

11 Shinengana: Samson Mthombeni and the Gazankulu Girls

12 Xiniyengile: M.D. Shirinda and the Gaza Sisters
Photo by Giles Clarke/UNOCHA via Getty Images

Cameroon Holds Vigil to Remember Children Killed in School Attack

Residents in Kumba paid their respects to the seven lives lost, and those injured during the attack over the weekend.

In the latest tragedy to come from Cameroon's historically violent clash between Anglo and Francophone citizens, seven children were murdered after attackers stormed a school with guns and machetes over the weekend.

In what has been deemed as the "darkest and saddest day," by Bishop Agapitus Nfon of Kumba, armed attackers stormed the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy, targeting students aged 9 to 12. The tragic event saw dozens of children injured, some critically.

The attack has shocked the nation, with both local and international agencies condemning the horrible offense. On Monday, Cameroonian President Paul Biya denounced the "horrific murder" of the school children, and alluded to the "appropriate measures" being taken in order to bring justice to the families of the victims. Prime Minister Dion Ngute Joseph shared his condolences via a tweet saying, "I bow before the memory of these innocent kids."

The Cameroonian presidency and governing body have blamed Anglophone 'separatists' for the attack, though the group claims no part in the attack.

Human rights groups, however, have blamed both opposing parties, as the conflict has led to the death of over 3,000 deaths and resulted in more than 700,000 Cameroonians fleeing their homes and the country.

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Interview: Meet Velemseni, Eswatini’s Queen of Soul

Soul artist Velemseni's music reflects Eswatini culture and aesthetics. "The Kingdom of Eswatini is a magical and mysterious place, and my music aims to interpret and document that mystique, drawing from genres like Swazi gospel, soul, African soul, cinematic and traditional music," says the artist.