Back To The Roots: Nzualo Na'Khumalo's Maputo Photo Series

Nzualo Na'Khumalo 'Back To The Roots' photo series captures bold patterns and colours in Maputo's Barrio Maxaquene.

Maputo based photographer Marcelo Mauro captures life and fashion in Mozambique's Bairro da Maxaquene, a small suburb in the centre of the capital city. Eliana Nzualo and Witnei Lia Khumalo, the two women behind the Nzualo Na'Khumalo blog pose in bold colours and patterns — and killer denim shorts — in the photos above. The photo series entitled Back To The Roots sees the young Mozambicans rediscovering the corners of Maputo where their grandparents and parents were raised, places in which the "population is not very high, but strong cultural roots [are] planted [and] very much felt [in comparison] to the urban areas." Find out more about Nzualo Na'Khumalo and Back To The Roots here.