The 17 Best Viral Dance Videos of 2017
Video still via Facebook.

The 17 Best Viral Dance Videos of 2017

OkayAfrica gives you the best viral African dance videos of 2017 that you'll be sure to dance along with.

Year after year, we continue to get lost in visual creativity brought to you by talented folks utilizing social media platforms to share their joy of dance.

Dance videos are how we get put on to music we may have missed (because let's admit that it an be a bit much to try to keep up), as well as establish what kind of moves you'll be breaking out in the club (no shame, I'm that person). And because it's the internet, of course there's the cross-cultural exchange we all love. This year we saw dance challenges on dance challenges, and kiddies taking over—we're here for it.

Below you'll find our favorite viral dance vids of 2017 and why.

1.Because the One Corner Dance turned Ghana's conservatism on its head.

At first glance, it didn't make any sense why the dance and song caught. In a relatively conservative Ghanaian society, in fact, the gestures of the dance could be seen to violate an unspoken rule about movement in public space. Yet people of all ages, across the country do it. That even the military and police who are the embodiment of restraint and rigidity, enforcers of the strictures of society couldn't resist the tune means it had the most important—if not revered—quality of any music: like the force in newtons first law, it puts bodies in motion.

-Anakwa Dwamena

2.Because this dancer demolished the #WoChallenge.

3.Because these moves epitomize the energy in Babes Wodumo's "Wololo."

4.Because Angel is well on her way to being a showstopper.

5.Because Izzy's choreo makes you want to give it go in front of the mirror.

6.Because the #EskistaChallenge was one of the best hashtags to go viral this year.

7.Because Swizz Beatz dancing to afrobeats is real diaspora love.

8.Because kuduro is still here to stay with the #AfricanSquatChallenge.

9.Because after watching this, we honestly have no excuse.

10. Because DRC's BM is wavy—and brave.

11. Because this young one makes grooving to Wizkid's "Manya" too easy.

12. Because the #IskabaChallenge got these guys in formation.

13. Because this MJ tribute is everything.

14. Because we cannot.

15. Because this victory dance on a yacht thing is goals.

16. Because this is our kind of workout.

17. Because every school function should be like this.