Pictured: Ghanaian performer Black Sherif behind the scenes of his new video for 'Second Sermon (Remix)'
Photo by Jess Chibueze via Emerald East

The Ghanaian performer nails his visual manifestation of his hit single—and bringing on The African Giant added more fumes to the fire.

Whew! Ghanaian singer and rapper Black Sherifis on a fast ascension to the top, as he releases his video for "Second Sermon" featuring the African Giant, Burna Boy. The highly-anticipated music video for the viral hit checks all the boxes in terms of drama, high-energy delivery, and watching two great musicians deliver a bombshell project. The single's popularity last summer pushed Black Sherif to newer heights, and him connecting with one of Africa's biggest artists is proof that he's on the right path to becoming one of Ghana's biggest exports.

The Director K video is creatively awe-inspiring as it starts off with Sherif (almost) outrunning a group of bandits—and the use of a drone and body-cam skillfully places viewers in the artist's position as the shaky camera mimics the singers panic. Thankfully, big brother Burna Boy is close by to save the Ghanaian newcomer from a painful conclusion. The two joyfully perform the song together, with both Black Sherif and Burna Boy combining English and their native dialects effortlessly. The duo enjoyed each other's company so much that Black Sherif was announced as a supporting act on Burna Boy's forthcoming world tour.

And what a year Black Sherif has had, the first and second releases of his "Sermon" freestyle series both traveled the world, with the second remix gaining over 2 million views in under two weeks. The singer first got onto the scene in 2019, and quickly gained attention for his diverse and unique vocal range, his relatable lyrics, and extraordinary flow. Now, only a few years into his career, the star continues to highlight his ability to excel in both singing and rapping. His talent and confidence in it sees the artist genre-bend with ease —getting to know highlife, afrobeats, amapiano, and drill in order to command the versatility of his art.

Watch Black Sherif and Burna Boy in the music video for 'Second Sermon (Remix)' here.

Black Sherif - Second Sermon (Remix) (Official Video) (feat. Burna Boy)www.youtube.com