These Photos Of An Aspiring Model From Botswana Are Stunning

These Photos Of An Aspiring Model From Botswana Are Stunning

Batswana creatives Amy Amantle and Bunny Waylah team up for a simple, yet stunning photoshoot in their hometown of Gaborone.

Like many young creatives, Amy Amantle lives a double life.

The Gaborone-based college graduate is an accountant who also aspires to become a model. When she's not studying for her global accountant qualification certification, she's busy collaborating with local bloggers and directing personal photoshoots.

"Every creative sort of knows that you work on your craft and do what you must, mostly purely on your own to sustain the quest for creative freedom and expression," said Amy, 21, in an email to Okayafrica. "We don't have much of a market for creative work locally, so yes you kind of have to get that business or engineering degree and push the creative passion on the side."

Amy recently teamed up with fellow Gaborone-based photographer Monthusi Seremane, better known as Bunny Waylah, for a stunning photoshoot that is equal parts lush and stark. When asked about the best ways to connect with bloggers, photographers and other Gaborone-based creatives to collaborate on new projects, Amy suggested the following:

"The best way to connect with a Gaborone creative is always through social media pages, which is where most of their work is published and linked to their blogs. Contact details are always provided. We have the Thapong Artists Network and the Creative Circle, which are bodies aimed at getting local creatives to meet and exchange ideas and uplift each other in their individual artistic/creative journeys. That also provides a platform for collaborations, which can also come as easily as meeting your Tsholo Dikobe's—our top fashion curator—and your Lorraine Kinnear's and Monthusi Seremane's—the budding fashion photographers and lifestyle bloggers—at social events and exchanging contacts. I believe the greatest attribute within the local creative scene that has made connecting and collaborating easy is the love for our crafts and celebration of each others personal successes. We are all trying to achieve so much and what better way to elevate yourself than by elevating the next person."

Keep up with Amy Amantle (Instagram and Tumblr) and Bunny Waylah (Tumblr and Instagram).