British-Nigerian Kayode Ewumi’s Comedic Hit ‘Hood Documentary’ Gets BBC Three Debut

British-Nigerian Kayode Ewumi’s Comedic Hit ‘Hood Documentary’ Gets BBC Three Debut

Internet hit “Hood Documentary,” starring Kayode Ewumi as geeky grime star MC Roll Safe, is back and giving life.

Just in case you missed the imaginary memo that updates you on what’s viral, British comedy “Hood Documentary,” popped off last year as the stuff dreams of internet stardom are made of.

Nigerian-Brit Kayode Ewumi’s webseries “Hood Documentary”—produced with homie from around the way Tyrell Williams—has a second life with new channel, BBC Three. In it, he stars as lisping grime star-wannabe MC Roll Safe or R.S. for short a.k.a. triple threat (he’s also a dancer and actor).The first of six episodes, filmed in the same style as popular mockumentary "The Office," debuted Wednesday (It'll follow that schedule thereafter).

Buzzfeed profiled the 22-year-old, who is every bit convincing as the quirky shirtless, leather jacket and Africa pendant-wearing, “Coming to AmericaEddie Murphy-look-alike.

But here’s a little bit of background: Ewumi knew he had a winner on his hands once he debuted R.S. on Vine back in summer of 2015, and then uploaded to Youtube a full episode. In less than a week, the 22-minute video quickly jumped to 100,000 views, and birthed memes and fan art. Ewumi can count Grime all-stars Stormzy and Skepta among his fans, and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” actor John Boyega and UK rapper Mikel Ameen as collaborators.

After completing only two episodes, Ewumi and his team put the series on hold causing his fans to meltdown. So “Hood Documentary”’s return this week is giving life.

Watch the first episode, which shows the triple threat attempting to woo a lady-love at a London bistro above. And if British humor is your shtick and grime your groove, consider checking out BBC Three’s “People Just Do Nothing.”