Still taken from '23' music video.

Burna Boy Pays Homage to Michael Jordan in New Music Video for '23'

Burna Boy's Michael Jordan-Inspired Music Video Celebrates Women

In Burna Boy's newest music video for '23', the Grammy award-winning artist pays homage to Michael Jordan while celebrating a diverse group of women.

Burna Boy has recently released the music video for "23" which features on his fifth studio album Twice As Tall which was released in August of last year. The music video is the second set of visuals shared by the Nigerian artist following "Onyeka" which dropped last month. Directed by Clarence Peters and produced by Skread, the music video makes a number of references to the legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan, while aptly celebrating diverse women at a time when Women's Month has just kicked off in the US.

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The music video begins with Burna Boy holding up a plaque at a concert filled with an audibly excited crowd. The scenes that follow then introduce five young women: a pianist, two basketball players, a music producer as well as a ballerina. There are intermittent shots of Burna dressed in all white and appearing as a hazy figure surrounded by a distinctly bright aura. Lighting is a major part of this production and contributes to the overall dreamy atmosphere of the visuals.

Naturally, there are several references to Jordan in the music video. The number "23", which was Jordan's iconic jersey up until the 1994-95 season, features quite prominently throughout. Burna also sings, "The music make me feel I be Jordan" in the smooth chorus of the track; neatly bringing the lyrical and visual ode to the sports star full circle.

The music video for "23" comes just after Burna Boy was awarded a Grammy for Twice as Tall in the "Best Global Music Album" category last week—a well-deserved win after he was unimpressively snubbed for his African Giant album. In his passionate acceptance speech, the artist said, "This should be a lesson to every African out there, no matter where you are, no matter what you plan to do, you can achieve it... because you are a king."

Watch the music video for "23" below:

Burna Boy - 23 [Official Music Video] www.youtube.com

Photo: Trevor Stuurman

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