Cairo Liberation Front Celebrate Their 2nd Birthday With 'Bring The Noise Part III' Mixtape

Cairo Liberation Front Celebrate Their 2nd Birthday With 'Bring The Noise Part III' Mixtape

To celebrate their second birthday, Dutch/Egyptian DJ collective Cairo Liberation Front drop their new mixtape, 'Bring the Noise Part III.'

In celebration of their second birthday, Dutch DJ collective Cairo Liberation Front has compiled a high-energy new mixtape exclusively for Okayfrica. The nearly half-hour long Bring the Noise Part III purveys CLF's take on Electro Chaabi, which is not just a music genre that meshes rap, European house and Arabic rhythms but an entire youth culture that arose from rebellion against dictatorship in Egypt. Filtering the intense excitement of this movement through the sounds of some of the most intriguing contemporary African and diaspora musicians, Bring the Noise Part III is simply a fun listen. Bookended by what sounds like a Public Enemy sample and a track that tantalizingly recalls Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise," Bring the Noise Part III features London-based octet Ibibio Sound Machine, Sudanese-born Sinkane, South African producer DJ Spoko, and SA rapper Okmalumkoolkat. Check out the full tracklist and listen to Bring the Noise Part III below.

Cairo Liberation Front's Bring the Noise Part III Tracklist:

1. Intro

2. مهرجان الدنيا ديما لمين توزيع الصقر فيفتي يانو

3. مهرجان كلم سوسو يا احمد تامر شيكا

4. DJ Figo – Tabasha Ghnaa

5. Ibibio Sound Machine - The Tortoise (Nsaha Edem Ikit)

6. DJ Sharke – Gharbe

7. Sinkane – New Name [Cairo Liberation Front Remix]

8. Elmahdy & ElOmDa – Fanta

9. DJ Hesham Totti feat. Khaled – Mahran Namo 3la El Rasef

10. DJ Spoko – Chitahuri Dance

11. اغنية انا بتقطع من جوايا توزيع تيحا

12. DJ Masry – Elshanta

13. Okmalumkoolkat - Holy Oxygen

14. تحميل تراك أغنية بكفي - #شغب_غزة