Rising Star Libianca Shares Visuals to Hit 'People (Check On Me)'

Cameroonian-American singer Libianca in her music video for 'People (Check on Me)

Image: Music video still via Youtube

Rising Star Libianca Shares Visuals to Hit 'People (Check On Me)'

The Cameroonian-American's breakout single and accompanying video has us right in our feels.

Rising star and former contestant on the US version ofThe Voice, Libianca, has released the visuals to her viral hit "People (Check on Me)." The 22-year-old singer and songwriter's 5K Records/Sony Music Entertainment UK/RCA Records produced breakout hit has quickly become a global fan favorite, both for her sultry vocals, and the emotional relatability it offers.

Libianca's emotional music video comes via director and content creator CEOJAY and shows the singer struggling through isolation and depressive moods. Forcing herself to get up and go, the somber video depicts a low-down Libianca preparing to entertain friends who disappoint her at the eleventh hour. At the video's conclusion, the singer shares a heartfelt message saying, "Check in on your people. What they may be dealing with internally could be much more than meets the eye. Your sense of kindness can break the wall of isolation and the feeling that no one cares."

The Afro-Soul banger only came out last month and has already garnered over 50 million streams across platforms around the world. Currently sitting at #2 on the Billboard U.S. Afrobeats Songs Chart, amongst others. Already ready to share her talents and vulnerability with the world, on writing the single the singer said, “I was going through a lot during Thanksgiving week and felt so unseen - nobody noticed what was going on. I remembered thinking, I have to stay consistent with my content on social media, so I can’t afford to sit around in my emotions right now. So I walked past my room to the studio, found a beat, and recorded it.”

Check out Libianca's music video for viral hit 'People (Check On Me)' here. And then phone a friend.