Cedric Nzaka Debuts Photographic Coffee Table Book

'Everyday People Stories' by Cedrick Nzaka.

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Cedric Nzaka Debuts Photographic Coffee Table Book

Kenyan photographer, Cedric Nzaka, has announced that his coffee table book 'Everyday People Stories' will be released this March.

The prolific Kenyan photographer Cedric Nzaka has reportedly announced that his new coffee table book Everyday People Stories will be published this March. The publication of the book follows Nzaka's decade-long career in South Africa that has seen him photograph everyday people in the urban areas of Johannesburg as well as high profile people including Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi, American rapper, Rick Ross and Nigerian singer, Davido.

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According to Between10and5, the highly anticipated book,Everyday People Stories, will be a 120 page library of high-definition images captured throughout Nzaka's career. The book retraces Nzaka's trajectory in capturing individuals in their natural state and celebrating their unique style. Nzaka's eye for photography is unparalleled and versatile proven in his portfolio works with South African Cosmopolitan magazine, Adidas, African Nouveau Festival, Afropunk and fashion boutique, Maison Chateau Rouge.The Everyday People Stories book serves also as an archive of his signature artistry over the years. Nzaka explained in the interview with Between10and5:

"Throughout the decade I always wanted to make impactful photographs that will make people stop. In the time I wanted to blur the lines between fine art and photo journalism, where you can have an informative image and one that aligns itself with the journalistic world. Also, one that you can hang up in a gallery and that stands on its own two feet, without a caption, that could be artistic as well as informative."

Nzaka's passion to create portrait images of Africans with a progressive eye has, admittedly, made him one of South Africa's sought after photographers especially in South Africa's niche fashion and style culture. Everyday People Stories' exact release date has yet to be publicly announced. In the meanwhile, Nzaka's images can be viewed on his website.