CKay Makes History As First African Artist to Hit 20 Million Spotify Listeners
Image: Courtesy of the artist

CKay Makes History As First African Artist to Hit 20 Million Spotify Listeners

High off of his Tik Tok success and debuting on the Billboard Global 200 list, the singer shows no sign of slowing down.

Nigerian singer CKayhas made history as the first African artist to surpass 20 million Spotify listeners. The Afrobeat singer-songwriter currently boasts over 21 million monthly listeners on his Spotify page alone, making him the first on the continent to do so.

'Africa's boyfriend' took to Instagram to share his excitement on having reached 12 million listeners, at the time, saying, "Music does bring the world together. Love y'all, Let's get to number 1!"

The futuristic Afrobeat connoisseur has been doing us proud lately, with a host of wins under his belt since his 2019 debut. The success of the hit single, "Love Nwantinti," and the multiple international remixes that followed certainly helped solidify his place on top. And the popularity that the track reached on social media video-sharing app Tik Tok certainly did its part.

Tik Tok users from across the world all took part in the "Love Nwantiti" Dance challenge, further pushing the song into the charts. Over 3 million videos have been created on the app using Ckay's remix featuring DJ Yo and Axel, with the song becoming the most Shazamed song as a result of the social media demand. The remix initially wasn't approved by Ckay but finally, all credit has been restored to the rightful parties.

Check out the popular Tik Tok dance created around CKay's hit single "Love Nwantinti" here.

Love Nwantiti TikTok Dance