Curvy Style Icon: This Nigerian 'Fashion Dollface' Is Bold, Bright and Unapologetic

Curvy Style Icon: This Nigerian 'Fashion Dollface' Is Bold, Bright and Unapologetic

Nigerian blogger Margo Campbell, aka The Fashion Dollface, is our latest curvy style icon.

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock for the past couple of years, you may have noticed the trendsetting curvy style bloggers that have often been overlooked. These women don’t want surgical changes and they don’t abide by body conformity and unrealistic beauty standards. In 2017, curvy style bloggers have mastered the game and are now showing that beauty can big, bold and bootylicious! This is the second in a series of profiles for The September Issue where we meet some of the women who are being unapologetically themselves both online and off. These women are putting their mark on social media with their confidence and glamour.

Our first profile featured South African model, LaLa Neriah Tshabalala.

Part two of our four part curvy style icons interview series features Margo Campbell . This Nigerian dollface embodies the true meaning behind "shameless beauty!" Margo uses her love for bright colors, simple pieces and bomb ass bags and shoes to convey effortless, everyday chic. She shows that fashion can be fun, comfortable and dramatic all in one look!

Not only does she have a penchant for slaying on Instagram, but shealso runs a website, selling quality synthetic hair, unforgettable bags, and fashion forward garments. Read below and see what The Fashion Dollface had to say about all things fashion.

Erica Garnes for OkayAfrica: What do you do outside of blogging? Can you tell us about any new or upcoming projects?

Margo Campbell: As of now I’m working on creating my own lane with my online store Shop Fashion Dollface . I see so much potential in my ideas, but of course failing is a part of the journey before you get to that “it” idea that actually works. Nonetheless I’m enjoying the bumps in the road because my faith is strong and I know I’ll be successful in the end.

I’m also expanding my hair company Daily Doll Hair into also selling human hair and not just great quality synthetic curly hair. I’ve been testing and sampling hair for months now trying to find the best quality out there so you can be on the lookout for that! Not that, that isn't enough and time consuming I have a 9-5 and working on a meet up event for my Every Dolls who have been following my brand. I want this event to reflect who I am as a person. An opportunity to hang with me at a super cute spot with cocktails, laughs & good vibes! I want my audience to get to know who Fashion Dollface is behind all the pictures, Margo!

Do you consider yourself plus size?

Technically speaking plus sizes begin at size 16, give or take some opinions. I currently rock a size 5-7 in bottoms and a small or medium in tops. To some people they may view me as such maybe because of my height. I’m 4’ 11” so I do have meat on my bones, but I actually don’t consider myself a plus size girl. I would consider myself curvy, I’ve even been labeled as “slim thick."

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What does style mean to you?

Style is undeniably yours. Style is unapologetic. Style is what separates you from the norm of everyone else. Style is creativity and layers of ideas that compliment who you are as a person. Style is understanding every trend may not work for you, but maximizing on what trend does work and creating your own lane. Style is when you can take a trend and somehow create looks that make heads turn, whether they like it or not!

How would you define your style? What is your go-to look?

I get this question a lot and what’s interesting about this question is my answer almost always changes. My style depends on my mood, it depends on where I am in my life & what statement I’m trying to make. I can remember back in college I wore all black clothes for almost a year. I was fly in all things black, I wasn’t depressed, I just wanted to test my style creativity by providing myself with minimal options. The best word I would use to describe my style is evolving. I’m tricky because I have a lot of layers to my style. I can be comfy cute, over the top fly, girl next door chic, tomboy vibes & the list goes on and on! I will say my go to look is layering! OMG I LOVE to layer things! I love maxi anything & crop tops too!


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How do you feel about mainstream media only portraying one type of plus size women like Ashley Graham, for example? Why do you think it’s important for media to represent a diverse array of plus size and curvy women?

I think it’s very important to want to have and show an array of curvy/plus size woman in the media for others to relate to. At this point and day in age in media, there are more outlets so that you don’t have to wait to be represented, you can go out and grab it. If you want to see more of what you want TAKE ACTION! It only takes one fan to see and love what you’re doing to spark the movement in what you want change in.

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What do you think is the most common misconception about plus size/curvy women in the fashion world?

I think one of the most common misconceptions about plus size women is that they can’t rock certain fashion trends because of their size. I think from a fashion stand point designers think that plus size women must have image issues therefore wanting to hide and be invisible. So they create clothing that is boxy, oversized & unflattering thinking this may draw less attention to them. When in reality no matter your size you should feel beautiful in what you rock no matter what the perception of beauty is in the media.

What inspired you to start your online business selling bags, hair, clothes and even your blog?

Over the years I’ve always gotten compliments about my style, questions about where I shop and how my style inspires girls to want to feel and look good. I am 'The Everyday Girl' so I get it, not everyone can or wants to spend a ton of money on designer just to stunt for the gram. I love to mix semi high end and low end items to create the look I’m going for. It’s not about what you rock, but how you rock it. That’s why I started my own online store; it’s a reflection of me!

What are some tips you can give women with curves on starting their own blog?

JUST DO IT! Sometimes we trick ourselves into thinking we need more time or things have to be perfect. Trust me I know the world of procrastination all too well! I would put off things because I was scared of the work, I didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew. I was scared of the responsibility and most importantly scared of failure. All these emotions are valid just don’t let it consume you. Growth is what matters, not concentrating on what you don’t have but using your resources to execute what you desire. So remember the joy is in trying not avoiding!

How much of an impact does your culture have on your style?

My culture plays a major role when it comes to my style. Being Nigerian and growing up in the 90s I developed a love of color. From the dope patterns of African materials to shows I use to watch like Moesha , Living Single , A Different World , Sister Sister and so on. I became infatuated with taking what I saw and creating my own lane. The base of my style is bold, vibrant and colorful, but with the times it continuously updates but never loses its shine.