Davido Releases Eclectic Music Video For "Unavailable"
Photo Credit: Screengrab of Davido "Unavailable" video

Davido Releases Eclectic Music Video For "Unavailable"

Nigerian megastar has released a music video for “Unavailable.”

Davido has released a music video for “Unavailable,” the fifth song from his critically-acclaimed Timeless album. The Dammy Twitch-directed video features vivid imagery and Davido’s good-natured persona that helms the singer’s first visual for his Timeless album.

The eclectic visual for “Unavailable” begins with a flurry of activity that morphs into scenes of euphoria and upbeat choreography. As the song's tempo builds, the visuals also become more dynamic, with images of nature, glitz, and glamor fusing effortlessly together. In several parts of the song, the camera pans in on Davido and his entourage as they ease in and out of different scenes. Notable settings in the video include a rural locale surrounded by vivid thatched huts and a remote, lush forest surrounded by evocative greenery. In many ways, the video marries elements of Davido’s brand: an energetic, colorful personality, unafraid to bask in luxury.

On March 31, Davido thrilled fans worldwide with the release of Timeless. The 17-track body of work has re-asserted Davido into the Afrobeats conversation and became a commercial success barely days after its release. The record has also since garnered explosive support and admiration from fans across social media.

A couple of days after the release, Davido took the stage at the Irving Plaza in New York City to perform to a packed crowd for “A Timeless Night With Davido.” He also performed on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on April 3. The release ofTimeless has shown that Davido is one of the new school prophets pushing Afrobeats to the global consciousness.

Watch the vibrant music video below.