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Death Toll Rises to Over 300 In One of the Deadliest Attacks In Somali History

Over 300 people were killed over the weekend in one of the most devastating attacks in Somali history.

Over 300 people were killed over the weekend in one of the most devastating attacks in Somali history.

On Saturday, a truck filled with explosives collided with a fuel truck in Mogadishu, causing a blast which left hundreds dead and several hundreds severely injured. A second bomb was set off soon after, though the impact was reportedly less deadly.

As of Monday, the death toll remains at over 300, but may rise as more bodies are identified. Several others died from injuries following the bombings. Some sources are reporting that the total may be closer to 500. The Somali government maintains that the attacks were carried out by the al-Shabab extremist group.

Funerals for the victims are underway in the capital, with several mourning the loss of their loved ones. As many as 165 unidentified people were buried in Mogadishu this morning, BBC Africa reports.

The deadly attack is refocusing media attention on the decade-long battle against al-Shabab in the country Directly following the attack, many pointed out the delayed response from people on social media.

Our sincerest condolences are with the people of Somalia during this time.

Photo by RODGER BOSCH / AFP via Getty Images.

South Africa Set to Evict Refugees in Cape Town City

South African authorities will evict at least 1600 protesting refugees and asylum seekers after giving them the option of either repatriating or re-integrating into local communities.

The South African government is set to end the stalemate between them and refugees residing in Cape Town this Saturday. At least 1600 refugees are being housed in two temporary shelters in Paint City, Bellville and the Wingfield Military Base in Kensington. According to South African Home Affairs Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi, the temporary shelters will be dismantled soon with those who are currently residing there having the option of either being repatriated or re-integrated into local communities.

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