DJ Tron's ‘Roller Disco’ Is Everything You Need In A 1970s Funk Mixtape

DJ Tron releases his latest mixtape 'Roller Disco,' a groovy mix of "afro, Arab and Eastern European funk" tunes via France's Secousse Radio.

Following the release of his Retro Zouk mixtape from last year, DJ Tron returns with another period mix—this time exploring the sounds of 1970s disco in Roller Disco.

The 40-minute mix is utterly groovy, consisting of mashups of recognizable disco-era hits and more obscure records performed in Arabic and French. “It’s a like a revamp of roller disco boogie music with added afro, Arabic and Eastern Europe funk,” says the artist and co-founder of Radioclit/The Very Best in an email to Okayafrica.

Journey back to the funk-fueled dance floors of the 1970s with Roller Disco, available below via Secousse Radio.