Dookoom & David Banner Rap About 'The Worst Thing That Happened To The African'

Dookoom & David Banner Rap About 'The Worst Thing That Happened To The African'

Cape Town rap group Dookoom and David Banner collaborate on the piercing single "The Worst Thing" off their upcoming Silbi Dog EP.

Photo by Imraan Christian for Popsicle TV

Cape Town rap outfit Dookoom, who sparked a national controversy in South Africa last year with their post-apartheid protest track“Larney Jou Poes,” are sharing their latest single "The Worst Thing," an unlikely collaboration with David Banner. Never ones to hide their standpoints, the hip-hop group's latest single is piercing, horn-flanked progression built on the refrain "the worst thing that happened to the African is the white man."

Earlier this year, Dookoom producer Human Waste told us how they came to collaborate with Banner, "He saw our interview on Vice / Noisey and gave us a shout out on Twitter. Roach holla’d at him to ask if he would like to collab and he immediately said yes. It’s a great honour to be working with a true OG of Southern hip hop. We both share an interest in the damaging effects of white supremacy. I sent him a beat I thought was perfect for the collab and Mutant wrote a couple of verses to set the direction. Mr. Banner dropped some of the hardest bars we’ve heard in a while and Mutant wrote a new verse to keep the levels up. What we have now is an incredibly powerful track. Some things have to be broken down before they can be built back up. We hope this track contributes to smashing down some of the fuckery."

Stream and download Dookoom and David Banner's "The Worst Thing," from the South African group's upcoming Silbi Dog EP, below. For more from Dookoom, revisit their Africa In Your Earbuds mixtape.