Sheebah in "Tosobola"


The Best East African Songs Right Now

Featuring Sheebah, Diamond Platnumz, Mejja, Marioo and more.

As we embark on the second half of the year, we witness East African artists reaching unprecedented heights with their remarkable achievements. They have been captivating audiences worldwide with their chart-topping hits, forging international collaborations, and introducing innovative sounds through the emergence of talented newcomers. From Kenya to Tanzania to Uganda and beyond, here are some East African songs that we absolutely love at the moment.

Sheebah "Tosobola"

Sheebah's new song, "Tosobola," shows how far she's come in her music journey. The beats and her unique voice create a catchy tune that sticks with you. The song is all about feeling confident and strong. "Tosobola" is a song that'll get you moving and feeling empowered at the same time.

Diamond Platnumz ft. Koffi Olomide "Achii"

Tanzanian music sensation Diamond Platnumz strikes gold once again with "Achii," his latest musical masterpiece released in 2023. Teaming up with the renowned Koffi Olomide, the song's enchanting fusion of voices has quickly propelled it to viral stardom. With a track record of hits that continue to captivate listeners, Diamond Platnumz reaffirms his artistic prowess, maintaining his signature musical style while consistently delivering melodies that resonate.

Platform & Tommy Flavour "Te Amo"

Tanzanian newcomer Platform debuts with the captivating single "Te Amo," part of the EP Above & Beyond. Embracing the tapestry of love's emotions, the song features synchronized vocals from Platform and Tommy Flavour, weaving a captivating melody that enchants listeners with the essence of love.

Mejja "Weh Decide"

Prominent Kenyan hip-hop artist Mejja, formerly of the Ghetto Clan duo" released "Weh Decide," this month. The catchy genge track highlights his rap prowess and wordplay.The song's catchy rhythm and melodic hooks are irresistibly engaging, while Mejja's distinct voice adds authenticity as he continues to solidify his Genge legacy.

Muthaka "Touching On My Baby" ft. Emma Cheruto

From Kenyan singers Muthaka and Emma Cheruto, "Touching On My Baby" is a captivating R&B collaboration. This enticing track weaves sultry vibes with a narrative of love and defiance. Inspired by a night of dancing, the song reflects themes of possessiveness and passion. Rising indie soul artist Muthaka's unique voice takes the lead, infusing the R&B landscape with her soulful and indie-influenced style.

Marioo "Sing"

With his latest chart-topping single, “Sing,” Tanzanian recording artist, singer, and songwriter, Marioo, continues to showcase his immense talent. The song, which is part of his I Am Grateful EP, has quickly become a fan favorite and has secured the number two spot on the charts. Once again, Marioo proves that he is a rising star in the Tanzanian music industry and an artist to watch out for.