FRONTLINE To Premiere Special Report On The Ebola Outbreak

On Tuesday, May 5th at 10PM EST, FRONTLINE on PBS will premiere a special report on the Ebola Outbreak.

Next Tuesday, May 5th, PBS's investigative documentary series, FRONTLINE, will premiere a special report on the Ebola crisis. Outbreak, the second film on Ebola from FRONTLINE correspondent Dan Edge, will look at what went wrong during the initial response to the epidemic. According to FRONTLINE, the film is "the vivid, inside story of how the recent Ebola outbreak began and why it wasn’t stopped before it was too late."

Outbreak airs Tuesday, May 5th, at 10PM EST on PBS, and will also be available to watch online at We’ll be live tweeting the premiere with @frontlinepbs using the hashtag #EbolaOUTBREAK. Join us on Twitter at @okayafrica.