Multiplatinum South African R&B artist Elaine is untouchable in her lane.

Elaine's New Single Is Simply Stellar

Multiplatinum South African R&B artist Elaine has premiered the smooth and sensual all-female ensemble music video for her new single 'Right Now'.

South Africa's multiplatinum artist Elaine has shared the music video for her latest single "Right Now" — and it's a definite must-see! True to form, the production on "Right Now", once again, proves that Elaine is untouchable in her lane and the stunning music video seals her mark.

"Right Now" tells the story of a lovers tiff with Elaine choosing to spend a night out with her girlfriends instead of moping over the lover's quarrel. Elaine is still pining over her lover, yet chooses the intimacy of friendship and bonding over a strip club outing. The music video is a stark aesthetic shift from her previous works "Risky" and the entry-breaking "You're The One", the latter being admittedly ahead of its time. Additionally, the "Right Now" music video is poles apart from the innocence of "You're The One". Shot in Cape Town's idyllic setting, "Right Now" is the type of music video bound to have fans glued to their screens from start to finish.

What stands out, even more, is Elaine's evident growth and the maturity of her sound. On creating "Right Now", a process Elaine described as a purging of sorts, the 22-year-old artist told Apple Music:

"....When I got to the studio that day, I had no idea what I wanted to say, but I heard the beats. It awakened something in me. I felt like I was carrying so much baggage. I was carrying baggage that wasn't even mine. I was carrying around things that didn't even belong to me. And when I made that song and I recorded that song, it felt like, you know what? From now on, I'm letting everything go, focusing on myself, focusing on what it means to be me, focusing on what it is to be a woman, focusing on what it means to be an artist and only that. And everything else, unfortunately, I can no longer continue carrying people's baggage. Not any longer, no. Things come and go. Feelings change. And healing is not an overnight process."

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Elaine has been on her musical winning streak since entering the music scene in 2019. Her EP Elements clinched her Apple Music's most streamed female spot towards the tail end of 2020. She, subsequently, kicked off 2020 with a multiplatinum certification for her single "You're The One", a feat often difficult for South African musicians to attain. In 2020, Elaine's untenable talent and success got her signed to Columbia Records in the U.S. She then went on to confirm the signing with the release of her "Risky"music video.

This time around, eager fans were anticipating Elaine's debut album release. The Pretoria-raised star confirmed that her debut album had been in the works for over a year, according to Apple Music. "...It's been a very brutal process for me, but it's been beautiful. Yeah, the internalisation of it all and actually realising that it's no longer a dream, I'm actually living this dream. It's happening. I'm responsible and everything that happens from now on forward depends on me," she shared.

Elaine's music videos are known for amassing millions of views, and "Right Now" is sure to follow suit.

Watch the "Right Now" music video.

Elaine - Right Now (Official Video)


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