Listen to Some Fela Kuti Rarities In These New Videos

Listen to Some Fela Kuti Rarities In These New Videos

Fela's manager Rikki Stein and Stephen Budd share their Fela rarities including Colombian cumbia covers, first pressings and much more.

On the week of Fela Kuti's birthday it's only apt that we get some new insight into some of the rarer records from the king of afobeat.

The official Fela Kuti Youtube channel is now sharing three new videos that feature Fela's longtime manager, Rikki Stein, visiting the home of music industry executive Stephen Budd (OneFest Festival/Africa Express/NH7 Weekender), who happens to be an über Fela fan.

"There are a lot of people who are fans of Fela, nobody that I know reaches the heights that this man reaches in terms of seeking out rarities," mentions Rikki Stein.

The two go over some highly-rare records and first pressings, spanning from his time with Koola Lobitos to some Colombian cumbia covers of Fela and much more.

Check out the three new clips discussing Fela Kuti rarities below.

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