Photo by Radeno Haniel / AFP

Major Flooding in Nigeria Kills Over 600 People

Massive flooding has ripped through several Nigerian states, causing severe damage and displacing over a million people.

A massive influx of floods in Nigeria has severely affected many states in the West African country, killing over 600 people in its wake. According to authorities, this is the worst flooding that Nigeria has experienced in 10 years. Nigeria's Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Sadiya Umar Farouq, said that 603 people died, 2,407 were injured, and 1.3 million were displaced as of Sunday, October 16, 2022.

Farouq also said that the floods have destroyed over 82,000 homes, 108,000 hectares, an equivalent of 266874 acres of farmland, and damaged massive infrastructure. In a tweet, Farouq said she sympathized with the environmental tragedy's victims.

"I sympathize and condole the State Govts and people affected by the unprecedented flooding in our dear country. At times like this, we rally around to support one another. I must commend local Communities, who usually act as first responders for providing support to relatives, neighbors, and friends," Farouq tweeted.

During a Sunday press conference, Farouk encouraged local authorities to evacuate people from areas that were at the highest risk of more flooding in the near future. Although Nigeria has experienced seasonal flooding in the past, the aftermath of this year's heavy flooding have been exceedingly more severe. According to the Nigerian government, climate change played a major role. Other sources claim that the release of excess water from dams both in Nigeria and Cameroon, which shares a border with Nigeria, caused the incident. Experts also pointed out that a general lack of planning on the government's part worsened the damage.

According to Nigeria's meteorological agency, the flooding could continue until the end of November. So far, the floods have affected 27 of Nigeria's 36 states.