Angolan Kuduro Meets Punk & Metal In Gato Preto’s Afrofuturistic Video For ‘Barulho’

Angolan Kuduro Meets Punk & Metal In Gato Preto’s Afrofuturistic Video For ‘Barulho’

Ghanaian, Portuguese and Mozambican band Gato Preto share the afrofuturistic music video for their Angolan kuduro and punk song 'Barulho'.

If you’ve ever wondered what Angola’s kuduro would sound like paired with distorted guitars Gato Preto have you covered. The duo, comprised of Gata Misteriosa and Lee Bass have roots in Ghana, Portugal and Mozambique. Their multicultural musical influences can be heard in their latest song “Barulho” (Portuguese for “noise”), which features Brazilian musicianEdu K. The track is an eclectic mix of electronic strings and Portuguese rhymes layered atop explosive kuduro and punk metal beats.

The song’s afrofuturistic music video also shares these unique, experimental elements. The Alex Wurm-directed video sees the band travelling through time into a post-apocalyptic universe where the evil ruler General Distortion has ceased power. He wants to “take over the groove of the whole universe,” the band explains, by finding and destroying the last remaining drummer Gudugudu. He’s taken Gato Preto as his prisoners, and if the two want their freedom back, they must capture Gudugudu and hand him over to the evil ruler. The two have to decide whether gaining their freedom is worth sacrificing the world’s rhythms. Gato Preto embark on their adventure-filled journey and, thankfully, in the end the groove prevails.  

Check out the music video for “Barulho” below. Gato Preto will be performing at this week’s African Futures festival in Johannesburg alongside Just A Band and Keziah Jones. Tickets for the event are available here.