Listen to Ginger Trill Share His Backstory and Discuss His Latest Album in New ‘No Hidden Agenda Podcast’ Interview

Ginger Trill shares his backstory and discusses his latest album 'From Potch With Love' in new in-depth interview on 'No Hidden Agenda Podcast'.

South African lyricist Ginger Trill's the latest guest on No Hidden Agenda Podcast. The revered rapper's conversation with the hosts of the podcast lasts for more than two hours and covers a wide range of issues.

Trill discusses the thinking behind the release of From Potch With Love and shares stories behind the drop, which include loss and being disrupted by the pandemic, among other things.

Trill also discusses being the first South African rapper to get verified on Twitter, his classic debut album R.O.T.Y, getting love from Sizwe Dhlomo, his come-up days building a reputation on the then-popular radio show The Full Clip which aired on YFM.

Ginger Trill is one of the most gifted lyricists in South Africa, with a rich catalogue of albums, EPs, mixtapes, singles and memorable guest features.

The hosts of No Hidden Agenda Podcast help steer the conversation with the rapper towards interesting anecdotes in Ginger Trill's trajectory and manage to extract valuable insights about his music and life story.

Listen to the whole episode of No Hidden Agenda Podcast featuring Ginger Trill on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud.