Give the People What They Want: Twitter Responds to the Latest Rumor About Idris Elba Playing James Bond

The discussion sparked up once again over the weekend, after John Ridley hinted at Idris Elba being the next James Bond in an interview.

Is Idris Elba going to be the next James Bond or not?

I need answers.

The long-running rumor, that nearly everyone hopes is true, sprung up once again over the weekend, when Oscar-winning writer and director, John Ridley, made an appearance on BBC Radio to speak about Guerrilla—an upcoming mini series that the two produced—to rave about the actor's talent.

"Idris is pretty much becoming a national treasure for every country. We couldn't have done it without him," he said. "It was a pleasure, he's a gentleman. I can't wait to see him as James Bond quite frankly."

Excitement was brewing as many thought that this might be confirmation of Idris taking on the the role of 007.

Elba, however, cut down our hopes and dreams, just a few days later, by quashing the rumor during a red carpet interview. "Oh my god, I have no idea why he said that. That's another six months of the rumor, oh well."

"Oh well," is not enough, though. We want to know why he is yet to be tapped for the role. What exactly is the hold up, Hollywood? Name one actor more fit to play James Bond.

I'll wait.


Though we may or may not get to see Elba as Bond any time soon, his latest project, Guerrilla premiered on April 6. The London-set political drama was executive produced by Idris and he also stars as Kent, alongside Freida Pinto and Gambian actor, Babou Ceesay, who play a couple who become entangled in the social upheaval of 1970s London, after they help free a political prisoner. It is set to hit TV screens on April 13, check out the trailer below.


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