Nigerian-American Rapper Ikey's Radiant 'Olodo' Video

Nigerian-American rapper Ikey shares the official music video for "Olodo," the second single off his forthcoming 'Green Card' LP.

In the music video for his song "Olodo," Nigerian-American Ikey is a monk-rapper. After a few muffled guitar strums, the Good Credit-directed visuals see the hip-hop musician sitting on a rock overlooking the Great Falls of Virginia, tired yet ready. "And I told 'em I was gonna make it/I said I'll be number one," he starts over scurrying electronics and drum clasps, "They looked me up in my face,/And told me that I was dumb." Ikey doesn't let his naysayers get to him, though, refusing to be an "olodo" ("dummy" in Yoruba) and instead wants to be, as he spits amidst radiant yellow leaves, "making sure I'm rapping,/Tell the story of my generation." It's not surprising, then, that the Maryland-based emcee, who was born in Harlem but lived in Nigeria from between the ages of 6 to 17, cites Kanye West as an influence; Ikey shares the same sheer passion as him. The fact that he also takes inspiration from Portishead and Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road make Ikey an intriguingly eclectic new musician. "Olodo" is the second single from his forthcoming debut LP Green Card (due in March), and we're excited to see what other songs are on there. In the meantime, watch the video for "Olodo" below.