Indigo Stella and Nadia Nakai Connect in New Slapper ‘Pay It Up’

Indigo Stella and Nadia Nakai Connect in New Slapper ‘Pay It Up’

Indigo Stella teams up with Nadia Nakai on 'Pay It Up', the first single off of her upcoming debut album.

Indigo Stella, one of the new wave's brightest stars, proves her worth alongside Nadia Nakai. In this highly anticipated collaboration, the two South African rappers demand their money over a minimal instrumental which they populate with potent bars and melodies.

"Pay It Up" is catchy and showcases the lyricism of two rappers from different generations. It's a display of chemistry between the candid raps of Nadia Nakia and Indigo Stella's unassuming but solid delivery.

The single has been highlighted by Apple Music as it's currently the cover of the streaming platform's popular Mzansi Hip Hop playlist.

"Pay It Up" is yet another great single from Indigo Stella, one of the county's most promising rappers. The emcee has been releasing singles consistently and her 2019 debut EP Indigo was a display of her ability as a rapper and all-round artist.

In 2021, Indigo Stella is her debut album titled InterStella. With "Pay It Up" as its first single, the anticipation for the release can only grow. The release date for InterStella hasn't been shared yet.

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