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Listen to Alle Farben's House Remix of Jeremy Loops’ ‘Mortal Man’

South African folk musician Jeremy Loops releases 'Mortal Man' remix by German electro producer Alle Farben.

Internationally recognised South African folk musician Jeremy Loops has been working with German electronic producer Alle Farben for the release of "Mortal Man" house remix. Farben, a world renowned electro producer known for iconic dance mixes and his work with James Blunt, has reworked the original acoustic version of the song by adding his deep house signature transforming "Mortal Man" into a danceable summer-ready tune.

Partly inspired by a friend's journey of beating drug addiction, the song's theme of acknowledging one's own mortality connected globally with millions of people.

Jeremy Loops - Mortal Man

"Mortal Man" was officially released in July, following fans' collaborative efforts to create a music video prompted by Loops' social media invitation to followers to record videos of themselves singing "Mortal Man". The official music video is a compilation of heart-warming clips thousands of fans sent in to Loops.

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Dance remixes have been one of Loops' tried and tested formulas to dominate global stages. He explained this strategy in-depth earlier this year:

"If you have a song that is a hit in either Germany, the UK or America, that song can and probably will become a global hit; my interest is in having a hit song, being booked for every major festival in the European summer because I'm a live band. So, it also depends on what you're trying to get out of it."

The Cape Town-based musician has high international status and is a staple at music festivals like Rocking the Daisies. Loops has over half a million monthly listeners on Spotify; his debut album Trading Change and critically acclaimed sophomore album Critical as Water boast millions of streams

"Mortal Man" comes in the last month of South Africa's winter and is a welcomed techno transition into summer.

Listen to "Mortal (Man Alle Farben Remix)" on Spotify and Apple Music and/or everywhere else.

Courtesy of Apple Music.

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