Jidenna & Jessica Chibueze To Be Honored As "Nigerian Renaissance Ambassadors" At The All Things Ankara Ball

Jidenna and Jessica Chibueze will be honored as "Nigerian Renaissance Ambassadors" at the inaugural All Things Ankara Ball in Maryland.

An exclusive photograph from the All Things Ankara 2015 Campaign, featuring Jessica Chibueze and Jidenna. Photo by Patrick Amara/Parallel Magazine & Creatively Directed by Troy Massa of Leone Consulting & Marketing Group (Leone CMG)

The inaugural All Things Ankara Ball goes down this Saturday with the apt slogan "Come Dry, Leave Wet." In other words, the hope is for guests to come dressed to the nines in luxurious Ankara print-inspired formal wear and then proceed to work up a sweat while breaking it down all night long.

The phrase actually comes from Fear & Fancy, a social club co-founded by Jidenna of "Classic Man" fame. He and Nigerian-American modelJessica Chibueze are a few of the special guests who will be honored as Ambassadors at the Nigerian Renaissance-themed event this weekend in Maryland. Nigeria's 55 years of independence will also be celebrated throughout the evening.

Founded by Nikki Billie Jean, All Things Ankara describes itself as both the premiere destination for all things related to Ankara print fashion, as well as an international movement led by creatives and enthusiasts who incorporate those fashions in their work.

"Our goal with this theme is to display, expose and educate the public and the world to the rich culture of a Nigerian Renaissance man and woman though illuminating Ankara print fashion and vibrant craftsmanship," said the event press release.

To purchase tickets for the ball and to learn more information about the event, visit the All Things Ankara website. And, while you're at it, check out the dazzling video and photography from the All Things Ankara Ball campaign below.