Watch the Trailer for the Chilling New Sci-Fi Thriller "The Circle," Starring John Boyega

John Boyega's stars in science-fiction thriller "The Circle" alongside Emma Watson and Tom Hanks.

Last year it was announced that John Boyega would be joining Tom Hanks and Emma Watson on the big screen in The Circle. This information was enough to get me on-board, as I'm pretty much here for anything Boyega is a part of. However, I am not exactly here for the overload of creepiness in the film's newly released theatrical trailer.

The movie is a science-fiction thriller centered on a cult-like Internet company, where everyone is watching everyone, and it all just seems like a worrisome dream sequence. Watson's character gets sucked into the strange surveillance web of "The Circle," and it doesn't look very promising for her, to say the least. Always the hero,  it appears that Boyega's character may be the one to blow the lid off the operation.

The British-Nigerian actor's presence in any movie is enough to get me to watch, but I may just watch this movie in hopes that there will be a happy ending to quell the fear that has risen up inside of me after watching the trailer.

The Cricle hits theaters on April 28, peep the trailer below. John Boyega's Imperial Dreamsis now streaming on Netflix.