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Kenya's Olympic Javelin Star Says He's the Victim of Sabotage

Julius Yego says his coach and others won't arrive in Rio until the 16th—too late to train.

The self-taught javelin powerhouse Julius Yego, shared his frustrations on social media after learning that his coach will not be joining him in Rio on August 7.

In a heavily punctuated Facebook post, the famous javelin star who taught himself the sport by watching YouTube videos, complained that his coach would be arriving in Rio a day before he is set to go and compete on August 17. The 27-year-old Kenyan said:

“Is someone trying to sabotage the results of team Kenya at Rio!! Am reading mischieve on how the management of the team is being run, the sprinters left last Sunday and their coaches were left behind, very irresponsible and funny way! Now my coach is being told... he will arrive a day before I get to the field !ridiculous!! Who is who now !!...This issue arouse in London in 2012 some officials arriving towards closure of the games !! For sure I can’t imagine being alone less my coach in training in Olympic it’s a big torment that requires athlete well preparedness, to be at high level of mindset of which without a coach it’s impossible for the athlete to achieve !!...”

He ended the post with: “Bogus top management and pretense !!”

Here's Yego's original post:

One Facebook user, Koech Okech, alleged: “This has nothing to do with AK [Athletics Kenya]but the usual corrupt NOCK [National Olympics Committee Kenya] and Kenya Govt Officials who have given priority to the old officials accompanied by their girlfriends at the expense of the actual athletes. The list of all those give Brazilian Visa will be made public and Kenyans and the whole world will be shocked as to the percentage of the athletes compared to the large number of officials and side chicks. Kip Keino also made millions for hosting the team in his camp which only a few athletes lived in. Meanwhile: link"

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