Our 4 Favorite Looks From 2018's Lagos Fashion Week A/W Presentations
Photo via Orange Culture's Instagram page.

Our 4 Favorite Looks From 2018's Lagos Fashion Week A/W Presentations

These talented Nigerian creatives are continuing to challenge the status quo of African fashion.

The A/W presentations at this year's Lagos Fashion Week (LFW) were one to note this fashion season. The presentations' theme, SEASONS, is an ode to the metamorphosis of the African fashion industry, the emerging talents, key industry purveyors, the systems and structures required to lead the industry into an emerged world, says LFW. The approach for presentations were salon-style, where designers showed their collection, followed by a client-designer reception adopting the "see now, buy now" model. Designers like Gozel Green, Mo Agusto, IAMISIGO, Orange Culture, Maxivive and Sunny Rose, amongst others, presented their latest designs.

Here are a few of our favorites below.

Orange Culture

Designer Adebayo Oke-Lawal of Orange Culture presented "Rain and Tear Drops," which showcased a variety of styles, cuts and hues of orange, black and brown. The brand has become more of a movement of fluid style and androgyny than a clothing brand. At the Day 2 presentation, we saw exactly how Adebayo artistically expresses these concepts by mixing hard and soft prints together which illustrates the fluidity in sexuality,especially, in menswear.


While most designers challenged the social norms of African style, others chose to highlight the spiritual culture of Nigeria. IAMISIGO, by creative director Bubu Ogisi highlighted her beliefs through her presentation, "Anointing," that questioned the character of Christians and the relationship with the church, addressing the notion that most church goers are not all necessarily Christians. The designs were full of ruffles, color, denim-clothing that would be otherwise worn to church.


The presentations were diverse to say the least. It's beautiful to see the cool and creative brands like Sisiano present "Lost Archivesm" which features earth tones with splashes of bright colors.

Kenneth Ize

The models rocked the clothes in unique ways that highlighted skin tones, eyes, and the African aesthetic. While Kenneth Ize used stripes in Aso-oke to show how flexible, fluid and bespoke African fashion really is.