Listen to AKA’s New EP ‘Bhovamania’ Featuring Sho Madjozi, Flvme, K.O, Grandmaster Ready D and More

Stream AKA's new EP 'Bhovamania'.

One of 2020's most anticipated releases in South Africa this year, AKA's Bhovamania, is finally out. The project is deemed an EP even though it contains 13 tracks.

Bhovamania includes singles—"Energy", "Python", "Monuments", "Cross My Heart"—which AKA dropped earlier in the year.

The EP is themed around the sport of wrestling which AKA is a big fan of.

"There's a lot of electric guitar on the album which is very much in the style of vintage WWE wrestler entrance themes," AKA says in the EP's liner notes on Apple Music. "I tried to play on that throughout the album to give it that kind of texture and all those wrestling clips gave it that feel. In hip-hop you project a persona, sometimes get stuck in character and become a bit larger than life with all the drama and over-the-top-ness. That's what the parallels between the two art forms are."

Guests on Bhovamania include the likes of Sho Madjozi, Flvme, Don Design, Grandmaster Ready D and frequent collaborators K.O., L-Tido, Moozlie and Yanga Chief. Production is handled mostly by Gemini Major and AKA himself, with contributions from Makwa 6eats and Tweezy among a few others.

In the project AKA continues to merge dance music and hip-hop through samples of EDM and house songs, a trend that started in his 2014 album Levels, and has since been his sound of choice to this day.

Stream Bhovamania on Apple Music and Spotify.