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Mavin Records Introduces Newcomer Bayanni With New EP

Nigeria's Mavin Records has found yet another talent to add to it's growing roster.

Mavin Records have introduced the world to its newest act: Bayanni.

Formerly known as Zhenobo, Bayanni first scratched the surface of the music scene when he caught Davido's attention with a viral Instagram cover of the Afrobeats superstar's "Jowo" song. The music conglomerate Mavin Records introduced the 25-year-old multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter as it's most recent artist, and has already released the artist's four-track project called Bayanni EP, an eponymous ode to his entrance into the industry.

The project features tracks that paint a cohesive picture of Bayanni's talent, and gives critics some insight into what he is capable of. In the opener song, "Family," the newcomer reflects on his journey and candidly expresses his journey and the grit and hunger that he had to have to be recognized, while also caring for his loved ones.

Family plays a big role in the 25-year-old's life, and he describes his family as a pillar that has influenced his music and sound. Although his parents pursued careers in education, Bayanni followed the unconventional path and chose music. He describes his childhood as peaceful, with a loving and supportive family.

On his high-tempo tune "Body," Bayanni strongly employs the Afrobeats tune to sing about the object of his romantic affection, and like many Afrobeats dance songs, the record is made for a party scene. The overall body of work is a decent introduction to the artist, and underscores his playability and versatility without giving too much away.

Mavin Records has become a powerhouse in Nigeria's entertainment industry and is well-known for signing artists who achieve commercial success. On the Bayanni EP, listeners take a front seat row to the new talent as well as get a hint of what to expect in the near future. Throughout the project, there are obvious fusions of Afrobeats, Soul, and Amapiano, with each record having a distinct cadence of its own.

Although the Mavin Records signee has chosen a career in entertainment, he graduated with an accounting degree from Nigeria's renowned Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife (OAU).

Listen to Bayanni's self-titled debut EP and watch the music video for his song "Body" below.

Listen to the 4-song self-titled 'Bayanni' EP

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