Joburg Beatsmith Micr.Pluto's 'Half A Hole' EP [Premiere]

Joburg beatsmith Micr.Pluto premieres his 'Half A Hole' EP of remixes and alternative edits on Okayafrica.

Joburg beat folk hero Micr.Pluto blesses us with a generous new offering in the form of the Half A Hole EP: a concise collection of remixes and alternative edits of released and unreleased material which Okayafrica is excited to premiere today. On his latest he exudes the meditative cooling vibrations that we’ve come to expect from his body of work. Having done all the remixes himself, he harnesses the record as a pageant to exhibit the other lesser known facets of his repertoire. From classic hip-hop-tronica plateaus to chill-wave and acid induced anti-dance anthems, Micr.Pluto continues to ignite the appetite of beat-lovers with a taste for the eclectic. Stream Half A Hole in full below.