Nigerian, singer Mr Eazi
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Mr Eazi Is Here to 'Legalize' His Official Album Debut

The Nigerian singer released the beautiful visuals to his latest single, throwing in a hint to his next solo project, too.

Nigerian singer, songwriter, and entrepreneurMr Eazi has officially landed a new title -- certified lover boy. The mastermind behind the emPawa Africa initiative is back in the studio himself, and his latest single "Legalize" is that much more special. The love song and accompanying visuals capture the intimacy of Eazi proposing to his longtime girlfriend, Nigerian actress Temi Otedola. And the singer plans on sharing even more with his fans, as he teases his debut album.

The heartwarming single is a hit, and it had no choice as a powerhouse team of international producers gathered to add their flair and expertise. Producers Michael Brun (Haiti/USA), E Kelly(Nigeria), and Nonso Amadi (Nigeria/Canada), all helped Eazi channel his love into 'Legalize'.

The music video is set in Venice, Italy, where the couple got engaged back in April. The infamously romantic city's landmarks set the tone perfectly, as Italian director Federico Mazzarisi made sure to capture all of the architectural gems. In a scene out of a woman's wildest dreams, Eazi and Otedola frolic around the European city, before the Nigerian singer gets down on one knee to propose a lifetime of love to his partner.

The singer said on the special video, "What people don't know is that we also shot a video for my first single off of my coming album. [...] This video is extra special to me not only because Temi is in it but really because it's the most vulnerable I've ever been in front of the camera. There are multiple moments we shared that will remain etched in our memories till infinity."

Part of the excitement of this release is the promise of Eazi's debut album coming out sometime soon. The as-yet-untitled album has been a decade in the making and is being presented as a collection of art pieces. According to Eazi, singles from the upcoming album will be accompanied by artwork and commissioned pieces from different African contemporary artists. The pieces will be 'tokenized' and shared through the metaverse and physical events.

Artwork by Patricorel for Mr Eazi

For "Legalize," Benin's Patricorel caught Eazi's attention. His painting, with the same name, captures the intimacy of love, vulnerability, and the finality of death. The artwork itself was created during an exclusive event in Lagos where Eazi performed his latest single for the first time, while the artist manifested his words into artwork. The short film by Demola Falomodebuted this week. On the Beninese artist, Eazi says, "What struck me was the fact that he represents love with his pieces, but he draws with skeletons. I think skeletons are our most human, naked form.”

Check out Mr Eazi's fairytale proposal in his latest video for single 'Legalize' here. 

Global music superstar and business visionary Mr Eazi shares “Legalize,” the first single from his forthcoming debut album, and one of his most personal trac...