Mr JazziQ's Highly Anticipated Amapiano Album 'Party With The English' Is Here


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Mr JazziQ's Highly Anticipated Amapiano Album 'Party With The English' Is Here

Mr JazziQ plans to take over global dance floors with 'Party With The English', his first solo amapiano album.

Mr JazziQ, South Africa's amapiano maestro and half of JazziDisciples, has shared his latest beat-pumping album Party With The English. The ten-track album features amapiano music's finest artists and vocalists — Lady Du, Kabza Da Small, Boohle, Mpura, The Majesties, Reece Madlisa and more. Mr JazziQ has set his sights on dominating the international music scene with Party With The English.

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Mr JazziQ reflected on the inspiration behind Party With The English:

"This is my first international push, even though I have been dropping music for a couple of years. I am extremely excited to introduce my work to the rest of the world. The genre is growing, and I want to take it to dancefloors around the globe."

Party With The English comes off the back of the first successful single "Woza" with Lady Du, Kabza De Small featuring Boohle. "Woza" became an instant dancefloor staple within a few weeks of its release. The single currently has over half a million streams on Spotify and over a million views on YouTube. "Picture JunkPark" which enlists Mpura and FakeLove is a fun track that goes all the way in, and is fast gaining favour from amapiano fans. With each track perfectly produced, deciding on a favourite is a difficult task.

"Sebenzela Wena" with The Majesties and MDU aka TRP is another standout track, along with "Nomayini" featuring Boohle and Mellow & Sleazy.

Mr JazziQ recently posted an Instagram video of three African American men joyfully dancing to "Woza" on the streets of Washington DC. "Woza" paved the way for Mr JazziQ's debut offering and helped him infiltrated the American music scene.

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