Listen to Nasty C’s New Song ‘Best I Ever Had’

Listen to Nasty C’s New Song ‘Best I Ever Had’

Listen to Nasty C's first song of 2021 "Best I Ever Had".

In his latest song, Nasty C details a relationship with the best partner he's ever had. He talks about the moments of beauty and doubt and even admits to loving her feistiness.

"I be tryna tеll her she changed my life/ 'Cause of the trauma she think everything is a lie/ Can't change my past, I can give you all of me right now," he raps.

In the song, Nasty C through rattling 808s and heavy bass and brass strings, a combination reminiscent of the late 2000s and early 2010s. It's said it's him exploring his new persona Spank Daddy—only time will tell what that actually means.

"Best I Ever Had" is Nasty C's first song to be released since the release of his third studio album Zulu Man With Some Power.

In our last interview with the rapper, he mentioned he was done with Zulu Man With Some Power. Recently, Nasty C, who has been rubbing shoulders with hip-hop legends in LA, mentioned he wasn't in serious mode and that fans should expect light-hearted bangers from him; no serious themes.

While "Best I Ever Had" is a coherent and relatable song about being in a relationship with a catch, it's still playful and catchy. It's one of those songs that stay on repeat and points to the promise of nothing but bangers from Nasty C in the near future.

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