Still Image captured from "Black And White" musiv video

Nasty C and Ari Lennox in the music video for "Black And White"

Watch Nasty C's Latest Music Video for 'Black And White' Featuring Ari Lennox

Nasty C and Ari Lennox celebrate long distance love in his new music video for his popular single 'Black And White'.

Nasty C recently shared the visuals for his single "Black and White" featuring American vocalist Ari Lennox. The single comes off Nasty C's latest album Zulu Man With Some Power. The video comes after the single was added on the Coming 2 America soundtrack and is reportedly tapped to be the leading single for the highly anticipated movie. The music video dropped right in the middle of the month of love to celebrate Valentine's day.

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The visuals show Nasty C and Ari Lennox play out the modern dilemma that faces long distance couples. The video boasts a scenic Cape Town location with the Table Mountain range and crisp ocean view in the background. The South African rapper muses on his lover played by Ari Lennox who resides in Washington D.C. The song and music video is a reminder of how to simply keep love alive and fun even when apart.

According to Revolt, "Black And White" was an immediate fan favourite when Nasty C dropped his 20-track album, Zulu Man With Some Power last August. The music video soon trended in India after it dropped, this according to Times of India. This comes as no surprise as Nasty C was named Spotify's most streamed hip-hop artist at the end of 2020. Singer and songwriter, Ari Lennox , is not new to lending her smooth vocals to hip-hop collaborations. She started off the year with a feature on the music video of Sudanese rapper Bas's single "Amnesia".

The movie Coming 2 America and soundtrack Rhythms of Zamunda: Music Inspired By Coming 2 America will be out next month on March 5th.

Watch Nasty C and Ari Lennox in the "Black And White" music video below.

Nasty C, Ari Lennox - Black And White (Official Music Video)


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