Nazar Introduces 'Rough Kuduro,' A Dark & Aggresive Take On The Angolan Genre

Angolan/London producer Nazar introduces his dark and aggressive take on kuduro in the 3-track 'Nihil' EP.

Angolan/London producer Nazar (fka Nazareth) presents a dark, industrial and aggressive interpretation of kuduro in his 3-track Nihil EP. Nazar's tracks take the Angolan genre's percussive rhythms and filter them through walls of distorted bass, blown-out beats and experimental noises into a sound the producer dubs 'rough kuduro.' As Nazar tells Generation Bass, the label behind the release, his 'rough kuduro' presents a more politically-angled narrative to kuduro music "by exploring rawness and the extreme violence of the 27-year Angolan civil war.” The Nihil EP was "inspired [by] nihilism [and] tries to translate into distorted frequencies, emotions as fear, anxiety, hate, the feeling of belonging to a rebel group, arrogance, Hubris syndrome and so on.“ Stream the EP below and head to Generation Bass for a detailed breakdown of the political inspiration behind each track.