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Listen to Makhalanjalo's New Single 'Thand'izinto'

'Thandazinto' single cover from Kwaito artist Makhalanjalo.

Listen to Makhalanjalo's New Single 'Thand'izinto'

Listen to new artist Makhalanjalo's kwaito single 'Thand'izinto' from the upcoming album 'Amanzi'.

Makhalanjalo has released his highly-anticipated single "Thand'izinto". The single is the latest offering from the the relatively new artist who has swept through Cape Town's music scene. "Thand'izinto" comes ahead of the upcoming album Amanzi.

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"Thand'izinto" is the kwaito single for those nostalgic for the classic kwaito sound. Makhalanjalo brings back the wavy sounds of old-school kwaito with synthesizers and drums. The Cape Town-based artist spits fun Xhosa lyrics while also delivering a light dance song. "Thand'izinto" refers to a person who likes going out, having a great time and just generally enjoying life.

According to Between10and 5, Makhalanjalo performed "Thand'izinto" late last year at the Raptor Room in Cape Town before the single's official release. The video of the performance was later uploaded to TikTok to promote the single. Makhalanjalo's social media promotions reportedly led to a wave of positive response coming from as far as China. The artist then travelled to Johannesburg, the hotspot of kwaito's resurgence. Once there, he immersed himself in the music and went on to perform with prominent upcoming acts such as Thando Simelane and North The Jap.

"Thand'izinto" was produced by 23-year-old Cape Town-based music producer and DJ Sindiso Tshumo, known by his stage name Insertcoinz.

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