The Stories You Need To Know: South Africa’s Social Media Boycott Fails, South Sudan No Longer In Famine, And More

#SocialMediaBlackOut ironically trends in South Africa, and more stories from the continent.

SOUTH AFRICA–Yesterday, South Africans were supposed to boycott social media as a way of lobbying for network providers to decrease data prices. In an ironic turnout of events, the hashtag #SocialMediaBlackOut trended. Follow the hashtag here.

SOUTH SUDAN–The country is no longer classified as being in famine after an increase in United Nations aid. Read the full story here.

ANGOLA–Angolan Vice President Manuel Vicente will face trial in Portugal after he allegedly bribed a magistrate to drop two investigations against him. Read the full story here.

CAMEROON–Six people were killed in a double suicide attack on Wednesday in Cameroon's Far North, which is regularly hit by Nigeria-based Boko Haram jihadists. Read the full story here.