What's Up With Nigeria's Obsession With the English Premier League?

What's Up With Nigeria's Obsession With the English Premier League?

The English Premier League is in full swing and Nigerians are glued to their TV hoping their favourite team will take the trophy.

NIGERIA—No one does the English Premier League like Nigerians. For a decade now, hundreds of Arsenal fans have come together in Kogi state to celebrate their favourite team with matching red and white attire, song, dance, and food.

Some have been fans for over three decades, while others are new supporters—yet they have one thing in common: their love for the sport and their love for their team.

Kelvin Maduabuchi Obassi, a long time fan, even named his son after one of this favourite football players.

Denilson is a very, very young talented footballer of Arsenal football club,” he told CNN.

But Arsenal isn't the only team Nigerians are rooting for. Some hope Manchester United or Chelsea will take the win. This is good for business, according to CNN, more Chelsea jerseys were sold in Lagos than anywhere else outside of London.

While it's still too early to predict a winner of the tournament, Manchester United is currently on top.  Sorry Arsenal fans, it looks like you're team has some catching up to do.

A video on CNN Africa, shows Nigerian football fans celebrating their teams during this year's games. Check it out below.