NYC: 'Daughters of Makeba' this Thursday at the Nuyorican Cafe

Our good friends at AfriPOP! are hosting "Daughters of Makeba" at the famous Nuyorican Cafe on the Lower East Side this Thursday night. The event is to honor the rich musical legacy left behind by Miriam Makeba. It is a celebration of the voices of African women, and women in the diaspora through song, dance, and poetry.

Some of the performers include: Yolanda Zama, Masauko Chipembere, Nomsa Mazwai (pictured in pink), Valerie June, and Samantha Thornhill.

Tickets are $10 but we're giving away 2 free tickets to the first 3 people to tweet @Okayafrica the 1959 film that introduced Miriam Makeba to the world!